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What is Appfly Cloud IR?

Appfly Cloud IR is a cross platform Investor Relations app that offers all new possibilities for corporations that needs to inform investors, analysts and media about their corporate story and developments. It is a module based, highly customizable app that is managed through a web based CMS, or Content Management System, that works the same way regardless if you intend to publish your app on Android, iOS, the World Wide Web - or any combination of the three! In the spring of 2013, support for Windows 8 phones and tablets will be added.

With everything in the app stored in the Cloud, uptimes are very high and not depending on a singles vendor's infrastructure. It also features an off-line Flight Mode, that lets your users run the app even if they should happen to go off-line. Whenever the app goes on-line again, all the information is automatically updated.

The app consists of a choice of different modules, each designed to deliver different aspects of the corporate image. From history and current projects to updated stock information via contact information and more. All modules are tied together in an app that delivers everything analysts, investors and media could ask for in information.

On-line mode
The app is continuously updated in real-time with any altered or added information from the Appfly Cloud CMS.

Off-line mode
The app keeps working with the latest material that was downloaded in on-line mode. Whenever the app is brought on-line again, all updates from the CMS are immediately applied.

Cross platform
By using general, modern tools like HTML5 and JavaScript, we have managed to keep the Appfly Cloud IR app truly cross platform, so that the same source code and information is used for Tablets and Smart Phones running Android or iOS. You can even publish the same app as a Web app on the World Wide Web

App IR Modules


Eye-catching introduction

The Startpage Module is presented to the user as they start up the app. It can contain anything you want the user to see first, such as the company logo, introductory text and perhaps a company video.

Document Library

Link up all your documents

The Document Library Module is a hierarchical structure used to store any kind of information that needs to be grouped or sorted in any way. The leaf node of every branch in the structure is a HTML page, that can contain texts, images or links to external documents, such as PDF files.

Stock Information

Latest share info

The Stock Information Module gives your users a graphical view of any stock information that you want to display, in almost any conceivable manner. Built on the strength, reliability and versatility of Google Spreadsheets, the Stock Information Module is continuously updated with the latest stock information, presented the way you decide.

Project Information

Corporate product portfolio

The Project Information Module is primarily used to present your company, its projects and/or products. By linking images to external PDF documents, you can present every aspect of your company's product and project portfolios in a professional and easily overviewed manner.


News, important notices and happenings

The RSS Feeds Module lets you display syndicated news about your company in your Investor Relations app. You can add as many RSS feeds as you like, making for easy separation of different kind of news articles.

Contacts & Calendar

IR Staff contacts and corporate events

The Contacts Module of the Investor Relations app is the easy way to let you present your Investor Relations Staff. Optionally clickable phone and E-mail labels makes it easy for your investors to initiate a personal contact.


Video, sound and graphics

The Multimedia Module lets you insert any kind of media you like into your Investor Relations app. Perhaps a YouTube video or an animated explanatory piece? Anything that can be presented on a computer screen is insertable into the Multimedia Module.


Tailor made modules for special needs

If you have a special presentation need that is not met by any other of our modules, we can create a Custom Module for you, tailored to your exact specifications. Our experienced Development Team and our Sales Department will listen, help and suggest a Custom solution that will take care of your every need.

App IR Services

Appfly Cloud CMS

Content Management Service

The Appfly Cloud CMS, or Content Management Service, consists of a web interface that connects you to the different modules of your Investor Relations app and the Image Library, where all images, graphics and photos that your app includes is stored. With the Appfly Cloud CMS, you can add, remove, rearrange and update any documents or images in your app. It is intuitive, easy to learn and available 24 x 7, every day of the year.


Synchronize your web site with the IR app

Appfly Cloud Endpoint. It is a software tool that can be used to synchronize a corporate IR web site with the Appfly Cloud IR app Content Management System. The Appfly Cloud Endpoint can be scheduled to run at any time interval, ranging from minutes to months, and will scan the corporate IR web site for any new material and map that material to the correct module in the IR app.

Custom Stock Charts

Presented any way you want

The Stock Information module contains Customizable Stock Charts, that can be altered to display the information of your choice in almost any manner you choose. Colours, diagrams and charts are available in a multitude of different layouts, so that they display the information that you want, the way you want it.

Custom Layout

Designed to your specifications

The layout of the Investor Relations App is flexible. If you want something else than the standard layout, our Production Department is eager to help you achieve the design you want at a small extra charge. Since we only use very flexible tools like HTML5 and JavaScript, most of your design demands can be met to give your company its individually designed Investor Relations app.

Promotion Page

Promote your app in style

A Promotion Page is a good way to market your app on your corporate web site. We can help you with everything from design to screen dumps and layout to QR codes. Everything to make your app more available and more enticing.


Call: +46 (0) 18 - 10 44 80

Appfly Cloud Support is available via E-mail or telephone during Swedish business hours (normally 08-17, Monday through Friday), and will help you with anything concerning the use of the CMS or the Investor Relations app.